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Experts in all aspects of ICF and Reinforced Concrete, we offer a diverse range of solutions to
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About RapidForm

Welcome to RapidForm ICF & RC – Revolutionising Construction!

RapidForm was founded with a clear vision: to transform the construction industry by introducing innovative and sustainable building solutions. Our mission is to provide our clients with a superior alternative to traditional construction methods, empowering them to create energy-efficient, durable, and environmentally friendly structures.

About rapidform - concrete services

Concrete Formwork Services

View information on our range of Concrete Formwork Services, Design Solutions and Labour Services


Reinforced Concrete

We deliver top class reinforced concrete structures encompassing all formwork / falsework, reinforcement and concrete placement works. We aim to deliver a product that exceeds client expectations on safety and quality.


Insulated Concrete

We provide full service ICF construction packages to both residential and commercial clients. ICFs have been fast becoming a preferred building product worldwide. The product leaves a high-performing building that is structurally sound, insulated, and is ready to accept exterior and interior finishes.



Design Solutions

We provide practical solutions for all your temporary work’s needs. Our experienced team can assist with everything from simple formwork to bespoke and complex falsework, prefabricated reinforcing steel cages and value engineering solutions.



Labour Supply

We can provide high quality steel fixers, shuttering carpenters, and concrete finishers for your project. At RapidForm we continuously up skill staff so that we can provide clients with the best service and people with the best workplace.


RapidForm Projects

View a selection of our Reinforced Concrete Formwork and Insulated Concrete Forms projects.

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Specialist Reinforced Concrete Services

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